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Adam Zamojski

About me

About me

Taken from CV
  • Adam Zamojski, 1989, Zgierz, Poland
  • Informatics Master specialized in Network and Distributed Systems Engineering
  • Informatics Engineer specialised in Internet Technologies
  • Laureate of first and second edition of Lodz IT Specialists Test*
  • Certificates:
  • Training:
    • .NET Memory Workshops (2020)
    • Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure - AZ 203 (2019)
    • Cooperation with others (2018)
    • Personal effectiveness in business (2018)
    • Architecture of applications and systems - architectural patterns for designers (2018)
    • Cross-platform mobile applications development in Xamarin and C# (2017)
    • Technical Leadership (2017)
    • Domain Driven Design - designing complex domain models and legacy refactoring (2017)
    • Conflict Management - Crucial Conversations (2016)
    • The Oz Principle Accountability Training (2016)
    • Enterprise application architecture (2015)
    • Time management - systematic approach to personal effectiveness (2014)
    • Usability - the rules of designing user interfaces (2013)
  • Technologies: C#, Java, VB.NET, XPath, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, .NET Core, SQL Server, SQLite, Elasticsearch, Android
  • Tools: Visual Studio, Git, Azure DevOps, Android Studio
  • LinkedIn profile (English)

I became interested in computer science when I was 15 years old. That was the time I designed my first website for the competition announced by the local government of Zgierz. I always keen on new technical solutions. When I went to secondary school I chose the class with extended maths, physics and information technology to improve my skills. Since then I systematically learn new technologies, acquire knowledge and gain experience. I mastered a lot of programming languages, tools and platforms. The IT and consumer electronics have become an important part of my interests.

I graduated (with an excellent grade) as an Master of Informatics specialized in Engineering of network and distributed systems at Lodz University of Technology in September 2013. Previously, in February 2012, at the same university I graduated as an Informatics Engineer specialized in Internet Technologies at Lodz University of Technology. During studies I received scholarships for excellent academic performance.

At work I develop web and standalone applications for .NET platform. Good organization of work and creative approach to the problem are important for me. Sometimes I like to fix something and “poke” in appliances, not only electronics.

I spend free time developing applications for Android (Java), writing and updating the Wikipedia articles, and for recreation. My favorite forms of relaxation are cycling and swimming. I also like to listen to electronic music, watch a good action movie or a thriller.

* Lodz IT Specialists Test is organized by the Lodz University of Technology in cooperation with the largest IT companies in Lodz: Accenture,, Comarch, Cybercom, Ericpol, Rule Financial, Symphony Teleca and Transition Technologies. Test tasks prepared by external experts verified knowledge of algorithmics, OOP, programming and databases.